A funny disposer story

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A funny disposer story

I want to tell you a funny story from December 2016. It is about the present I bought for my mom. I knew that she has wanted a garbage disposal for a long, long time.

Finally, I got my first salary in December (I started working at McDonalds in November) from which I could buy one for her.

As always when I am looking for any kind of information, on pretty much any topic, I went to Google and started searching. After a couple of minutes (and visiting some shitty sites) I found myself on this one: www.pickmydisposer.com

They review garbage disposals in depth and let us know about their experience in form of single product reviews as well as buying guides and comparison tables.

One of the devices they have reviewed seemed to be really promising. It is the most popular model of InSinkator, a brand well-known in this industry. It costs a little over 400 dollars and works very well according to the guys at Pick My Disposer. I have also read some real customer reviews about it and it seems to be working great in the long term, too.

In the second week of December I have already received the garbage disposal and put it in the garage so that mom cannot find it.

I gave it to her on Xmas Eve. She was very surprised and delighted. She didn’t expect me to remember how much she wants a garbage disposal even not to buy one for her.

I don’t need to tell how happy I was as well. And I already know what I am going to buy for her this coming December.

Do you have any such stories from Xmas? If yes, let me know about it. I really love these lovely stories.